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How to make a simple bash script (Mac) The app runs correctly, but the icon is wrong. The icon itself seems to be in good shape; it has all lower-case letters in its name, and the reference for it in Info.

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How does one add a nice. Is there some place to look for error messages regarding problems in reading the Info. It appears that the script needs to end in. After following this post, I was unable to run the. How do you stop it from bouncing? I have a command that just starts an SSH tunnel and keeps it up.

Adding a custom app icon

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! Wow, neatest little trick I found in years! Solved my problems with Eclipse on OS X Though, it might work for others.

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Any idea why? David, found the same problem as you, any solution? I need help with this. Use Automator to turn a shell script into an app. That way, the app can also act as a droplet: You can also build in Xcode and have it auto-created. Any ideas why? This works wonderfully for me on OS X Yosemite. It created a directory that emulates a normal OS X app, so afterwards you can drag it to wherever you want. Did you ever find a solution for this? I get the PowerPC issue as well. I am trying to make a Java program that will dynamically create a shell scripts and write it out into this structure to make am easily launch-able app icon for users.

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After clicking OK you should be able to execute you script by simply As of OSX (Yosemite) and since at least OS X (Mountain Lion), the behavior is. First in terminal make the script executable by typing: After clicking OK you should be able to execute you script by simply double-clicking it.

It is essentially a shell script that will call javaws to launch our application for many different deployments out there different URLS, etc — just want an easily double clickable app for the users. Also it leaves the Terminal running, which would cause confusion for my users.

macos - How to run a shell script in OS X by double-clicking? - Stack Overflow

Nevermind — got it to work! I think I needed a valid Info. Thanks for the tip about Automator. I messed around with Lingon and. Finally just opened up Automator almost for the first time and now have a working program which Launchbar will pick up to open up a development build of Chromium with Pepper Flash. This worked for me: How to fix that? Very useful script and simple explanation! Just made a simple app based on shell commands. I have tried to add keyboard shortcut for this app, and it says that is can't do that.

Is there a way to add a keyboard shortcut for this app? Maybe I have to change something in the app configurations? Why not just use Automator? You can create apps that use the Run Script action — and it will pass arguments to your script, e. If you wish to sign your application then something different needs to happen. This is the method recommended in the code signing guide from Apple: The code looks like this: Save the script to a directory in your PATH and name it appify no extension.

Fire up Terminal.

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After that, you can very easily add a custom icon to the app if you want to. Adding a custom app icon Create an. Alternatively, copy it from an existing app as described in steps 2 and 3. Right-click the.

Select the app icon in the top left corner by clicking it once. It will get a subtle blue outline if you did it right. Executable scripts [1] with either NO suffix or suffix. However, via Terminal's Preferences For edge cases, such as finding a symlinked script's true source directory, see this answer of mine. If the script is unexpectedly not executable: Scripts with suffix.


Could you maybe post an example of what you're trying to run? Even the. Ubuntu Community Ask! This is the method recommended in the code signing guide from Apple: How to run a shell script in OS X by double-clicking?

Scripts with a custom suffix a suffix not yet known to the system , whether executable or not in fact, applies to any kind of file: It's possible to close the opened Terminal window when the script exits with a simple osascript you can include in within the. Do you mean adding a osascript -e ' What's the specific command, and does it ensure that the right tab is closed even when the script is not running in the frontmost tab? Yes, I haven't tested it more than a few minutes, but the basic idea is to include on the last line of the.

It might not work in every scenario, although the redirect at the end is really the key — the osascript can otherwise be adapted easily eg. If you can modify the script, add a command that waits for a keystroke at the end; e.


This is a really great app. But I have some problem here. I have a python script that I want to convert into an. What can I do about it? It's not an interactive terminal. Platypus merely presents script output. There's no bidirectional communication. The easy way is to change the extension to. How can we automate this workflow to run daily at 1 PM? No need to use third-party apps such as Platypus. Luc-Olivier Luc-Olivier 1, 14 You can also set defaults by file extension using RCDefaultApp: Tomachi Tomachi 4 8.

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